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This is a heavily debated topic with valid points on both sides and Iíve read more pages about it than I can count. My philosophy is to run as balanced and natural an environment as I can with a glass box, and I donít consider it to be Russian roulette. I mitigate the odds as much as I can with sourcing the livestock, feeding a good diet, etc and so far have never lost a fish to disease. So many things are a calculated risk. For example Iíve seen many times experienced hobbyists introducing a large number of fish, many with aggressive temperaments, all at once, even into a freshly cycled tank. I feel this is not a good recipe for success, yet no one bats an eye.
I did get stuff for a quarantine tank when I was intending to add a blue tang (calculated risks and all) but ended up changing my mind when I couldnít get past its large mature size. I still have copper tests if anyone needs it..

Thanks, from your lips to Godís ear He really is a character, like a grumpy old dude with measles. I hope he doesnít get aggressive as some do. Itís funny how my tastes are evolving. I have a pink birds nest (my first SPS) that I was proud of which has grown to quite a size, very densely branched as well. Lately Iím resenting the calcium this monster is sucking up and thinking how nice it would be to replace it with something nicer, haha
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