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Default 165 Gallon Mixed Reef Chapter Two.-Plumbing dry fitted

Well I finally managed to pick up that big tank from Simon's place. I feel for the guy, I really do, he is going to have nothing but spare time on his hands to design the next tank that will probably be larger and better than this one lol.

Anyways, seriously, this tank is frickin heavy! I had all the help I needed until I finally got all the pieces at home here and needed to get the tank onto the stand. Well guess what! Everyone dissapeared on me when I needed the tank up onto the stand!.

Well as determined enough as I was, I did not accept defeat and I got that huge tank off the floor and twenty feet into the air and up onto the stand, using no tools other than my own two hands.

Aside from a possibly fractured finger, and a pulled right bicep I got it up onto a stand so I can take those pictures for the fan base of this tank.

Anyways, Simon did a great start to this tank, and I plan on continuing that!

Oh yah and for those that do not know of this tank please follow this link and read up on Simon's 165 build thread. --->Simon's Way of building a tank!

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