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I can understand the frustration that aiptasia cause (I would have broken down a system because of them if I wasn't moving anyway), but this seems awfully risky. The potential consequences to you or someone else in your home if safety precautions are ignored for even a second seem relatively high compared to what it's being used for. To quote billsreef over at reef central:

"Just to throw in some perspective from the research side of life, in a university research lab setting, just as much weight is given to safety and tracking of lasers as radioactive material".

and this is an interesting thread from the laser pointer forum. The laser that hit this guy's eye was less powerful than what most people are buying for their aquariums. His avatar picture is what his retina looks like now:

Just my two cents, but I'd rather take out and boil all my rocks before risking my, or someone in my home's vision.
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