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Default Jan 31/08 - Lots of RARE livestock this week!


Bellus Angels - One pair
Ebli Dwarf Angels - Nice
Koran Angel
Singapore Angels
Flavicauda Dwarf Angels - Very cute

Obicularus Batfish
Tiera Batfish

Blue Spotted Sand Diver Blennies - Trichonotus setiger, very unique

Saddleback Butterflies

Floppy-tail Dottyback - Pseudochromis elongatus, very neat

Wheeler's Shrimp Goby

Geometric Hawkfish - Very cute nano fish

Lineatus Sweetlips - Hardy species of Sweetlips (S. Micheals), grows large

Blue Hippo Tangs - Good sizes, 3-4"
Naso Tangs - 5"
Puelloides Rabbitfish
Pyroferus Mimic Tang - Nicest one I've seen yet!

Blue Flasher Wrasse - True cyanea
Guinea Fowl Wrasse
Izu Hogfish - Bodianus izuensis, deepwater rarity
Lubbock's Fairy Wrasse - Very nice
Peppermint Hogfish - SUPER RARE
Sixline Wrasse
Solar Fairy Wrasse - Insane colors!
Yellow-stripe Hogfish - Terelabrus rubrovittatus, insanely rare


Octopus - I'm thinking vulgaris, but it's a tad different

Camel Shrimp

Zebra Crab - Zebrida adamsii, these HAVE to be seen! They are incredible


Super insane shipment of Tongan Micromussa and Acanthastrea. The colors on these things are absolutely unbelievable. Much nicer than anything we've ever brought into the store.

Note - These corals will not be available for sale yet. I will be growing them out for the store and fragging them.
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