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Originally Posted by squibege View Post
This is great! I do not know enough details to comment to the level you guys have, but I do see very valid points on both sides.
Of which counter points did you find intriguing and/or tangibly credible? Perhaps I can elucidate the point to show otherwise :P

Evolution is a theory, and a a damn fine one at that. For those who are not aware, when you say "theory" in science, it is not akin to a "throw away anecdote" as the word is generally used in common language. A scientific theory (via [i]a coherent group of tested general propositions, commonly regarded as correct, that can be used as principles of explanation and prediction for a class of phenomen[/]. It is founded upon known laws and principles and is the highest level that an idea can be elevated in scientific context.

You'll find a lot of YEC tend to draw up points like "well this one example shows otherwise, checkmate evolutionist". And, given the benefit of the doubt that it does, the general followup well tend to be "for now". Science is additive and as the knowledge pool is expanded, contrarians will retreat further and further into obscurity. Eventually, those pockets will become explainable by newer science. These little pockets are often referred to as the "God of the Gaps", e.i. holes in our current knowledge = counterpoints = God or Intelligent Design = The CIA planned 9/11 = Global warming is a hoax to make you give your kids vaccines so that the future elite will rule empire over a population fraught with autism, wake up sheeple!!!!

Here's a more thorough and eloquent summary of the argument (worth a read ):
This and that.
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