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One of my primary concerns with this new system is cleanliness and accessibility. To accommodate this, I ensured that the sump did not take up the entire cabinet space, allowing me to completely separate the bulk of the electronics from the water.

I was getting fairly exhausted from the stand build at this point, and sick of making drive after drive to home depot, so I went a slightly different route for my electronics cabinet.
Those familiar with Ikea products have undoubtedly heard of the Billy bookcase system. These bookcases actually go back to at least the early 80's, including this fine specimen that has been delegated to garage storage duty:

And... a little off the top!

The bookcase is now perfect height, depth, and a convenient half inch narrower than the opening on the sides of the stand.

On to some of the plumbing details:
The over flow has a siphon, a trickle drain and an emergency drain. A gate valve allows for fine adjustments and then passes into a filter sock. From there the sump has a skimmer chamber and a return chamber.

This is the manifold on the return line. The middle ball valve goes directly to the display tank, the two ball valves on either side go to media reactors. The far right line is plugged for future use, and the far left line will have a ball valve added to it to allow for water changes to and from the basement.

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