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Originally Posted by kien View Post

Originally Posted by Titus99 View Post
I don't know from personal experience but a member on here has tried all the major brand in the last year. When I talked to him about the vega he had told me the colors did not blend making the display look like multi color spotlight.

So far I've heard great reviews of the ghl mitra. Though cost is higher
Yes, actually now that I remember, I picked up a coral from Sean (Xtreme) after he had bought the Mitras on boxing day. Just two of them over his large reef was pretty impressive. They are certainly worth considering.

Originally Posted by JDigital View Post
Nice to see another reefer in Airdrie. Look forward to seeing your build.

The Mitras definitely are full of persuasion.
Thanks, I've been following yours also and look forward to seeing it finished. We could have a meet and frag swap in about ten years when my tank grows out!
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