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Sorry this took so long. Only 2 years right? Just got caught up with a bunch of different things.

The designed changed several times but here is what ended up over the tank:

This 72" Full Spectrum LED Build is going over a peninsula tank. This adds a little bit of fun trying to make sure I get the right optics/height on the fixture.

Build materials:
27x XT-E 3UP LEDs
27x 60degree True Violets
12x 120 degree Ocean Coral White
27x 40degree 3UP Optics
4x 25feet 24awg Solid wire
1x Arctic Silver Ceramique 2
1x 72" MakersLED Heatsink
1x 4 pot LEDGroupBuy Dimming Kit
1x DIM4
1x Dim4 Relay
1x DIM4 Relay Socket
5x 75w 700mA Inventroincs Drivers
5x AC Plug for Drivers

Additional tools:
Solder and Soldering iron
Wire Cutters
12ft of wire to make extension cable
And somewhere big enough to hold a 6foot heatsink!!

The basic idea of this setup is to have the controller do the sunrise/sunset and use the 4 pot dimming kit to manual tune the color of the light as the sunrise/sunset is happening. The sunrise sunset keeps the ratios the same and I just tune the dimming kit to pin point the color I want.

Wiring is like this:

CH1 2x 75w Driver - 54 XT-E Royal Blue LEDs
CH2 1x 75w Driver - 27 XT-E Neutral White LEDs
CH3 1x 75w Driver - 27 True Violet - 1x 75w Driver 12 OCW (This channel is maxed at 6.5v to keep the 75w drivers under 500mA at all times
CH4 nonthing

Probably the boringest part of the build is getting these screws lined up


At this point taking snap shots every 2min got annoying as I had to deal with the grease so I didnt take any pictures of wiring it up.
Finished look with LEDs on:

As you can see from the picture, I hid all the 5 drivers inside the heatsink. To do this, I removed 3 of the 6 fans. The heatsink still stays cool with just 3 fans.

Corals super happy:

It should be noted I neglected this tank for much too long. MH where over the tank and the corals slowly started dieing. The same day I got the LEDs over the tank, my bubble tip anemone finally started looking like a bubble tip anemone and it spread out huge. And it split within a week.... well thats what I thought. Turns out, the anemone I thought that died last year was actually still alive and now its also out and gleaming. Its a GTBA so I know its not the RBTA split.

All and all, very happy with the build. The LPS just look amazing under the OCW. If anything different, I may add more OCW to the build. The details in the fish also pop under the OCW. The Sohal orange accents are insane. Never even knew he had orange all over his body.
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