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Default 180g peninsula tank build - First ever aquarium

So, about 5 weeks ago 3 gold fish came into our home because of Persian New Year. Well these poor goldfish were stuck in a little 3gallon tank. I decided that they deserve more!!! I embarked on a mission to find these goldfish a new home where they can swim free....

One thing lead to another and I bought a 180g tank.... SW tank... soooo ya, goldfish are still stuck in the 3gallon one! DOH!

Anyways, this is my first aquarium so I may be doing alot of things wrong so take my pictures and posts with a grain of salt (instant ocean salt)

Hardware so far:
180g tank
70g sump
6' coralife aqualight pro 150 watt with new 13K geismann's
2 tunze 6105s powerheads
1 tunze 6215 wavebox
PENAIR SKIMMER (Euroreef 250 copy) made by Pen-air Aquatics(8"body & 24"tall) sedra9000 pump with gate valve
SICCE 5.0 return pump
Marine Tech Calcium Reactor
1/4 Pacific Chiller
Neptune Systems Apex Controller

~250lbs live rock
2 cinnamon clowns
1 porcelain shirmp
1 yellow clown goby
1 green candy cane

Quick links:
Initial pictures of tank and sketch up model
Building the stand
Stand is done, tank is up on stand
Painting the back and adding new bulkheads
Electrical, Plumbing, Overflowboxes, Magnets
Filling with water - finished plumbing
First fish added
Mesh installed - Desk view
Automation setup
First Corals/Anenome
Full tank shots and Livestock update July 20th 2010
Overbending wood to straighten it
Skimmer Silencer for gurgling noise from intake

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