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for sure would be interested.
but many things come into play.

cost of service for the client.
period of quarantine.
insurance/guarantees on clients fish? during the process? after deemed parasite free?

IMO, this would be more of a retailer offering. A LFS or online retailer, quarantining fish before they are offered for sale. I would expect to pay some amount of premium for these certified "clean" fish.

unless people are willing to just pay for a quarantine service w no liability to you. I think there's too much grey area here... you would have to have different levels of service.

i.e. if fish has signs of illness, do you refuse service? or no type of guarantee?
if fish looks healthy, is there some type of guarantee to offer?
you would need to have the fish vetted somehow... proof that fish is eating etc?

that's why to me it would sound like a great idea for a seller, but not so much as a service for fish people already have.
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