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Originally Posted by Oilers View Post
I would love to see your tank and learn how things are done. Too bad you are so so far away and the Edmonton tank tour was cancelled.
Why not start the Edmonton one up again yourself? Thats all I did. The founder of the PG Tank Tour only organized it for the first two years while she had a commercial interest in it. Once she closed her business the Tank Tour would have ceased to exist as well but I stepped in, grabbed her contact list and began coordinating it myself. At one time we had as many as 30 people show up to a tank showing but these days we're lucky to get 15. But its the same 15 people we've grown to know well over the last few years. Occasionally a newbie joins in with a bunch of questions which is great. But its just as much fun to sit back with some familiar faces to swap fish stories and see how everyones tank has progressed over the past year.
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