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Default The 7th Annual Prince George Reef Tank Tour

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Good grief seven years is a long time... and we're still doing it! Alright folks, I'm in the process of organizing this years PG Reef Tank Tour and once I have I'll post the schedule and pictures of the featured tanks here as we go along. I've also got an email list of many people who have participated in the past, if you would like to join that email list please send me a PM. In the emails I give out more specific/private information such as address and contact numbers if needed for each of the showings.

I suspect we'll have the usual lineup including the UNBC tank, Doug's, George's and my own. But if anyone else would like to volunteer theirs we would certainly appreciate the change of scenery. Not that it isn't exciting to view the evolution of the same people's tanks year after year, but some new blood is nice from time to time too.
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