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Default Overbending wood

So while making my stand one thing that kinda sucked was the wood we laminated was severaly bent. So i couldnt put it on the stand with magnets because of the curve it had. My carpenter buddy was hoping the laminate would bend it back straight but it didnt.

So after talking to some more carpenters there turns out to be a whole school of thought on overbending wood! Some sort of "art". So i took a crack at it.

First step, get bent piece of wood
Second step, put some 2x4s or stack some other wood on a table somewhere
Third step, clamp it down until you overbend it enough without cracking it

As you can see, i had a trusty kitchen table that expanded which I used. I stacked a few pieces of small wood a few inches high then clamped down the ends to the table.

I let this sit overnight and check it the next night. I bent it a little the first night then really reefed it the second night and it straightned out how I wanted it. Its trial and error I guess, you might need to go two or three nights instead of one.
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