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So while waiting for some hardware to get to my place I ended up painting the back of the stand where all the piping was.

I used some flat black latex paint to do the back. I took out the old bulkheads and decided to put some new ones in while I was painting. did about 5 coats and then sanded it down with a sanding "pad" that is used for drywall. The sanding pad actually worked really well.

So everything looks great... all is well.. paint is dry. I go to remove the tape and the bulk heads and the paint starts coming off with them!!! it was like it was taped on paint! LOL. So I had to use a blade to seperate the paint and the tape I used.

Now that I got the old bulkheads out, paint done, time to put in the new bulk heads. As you can tell from the previous picture I left some room to make sure the bulkheads touch all glass. The holes drilled in the tank arent the greatest so I decided to fill the gaps with silcone. I taped up the bulkhead threads as close as I could get to the glass so I didnt get silcone in them. I also taped the bulkheads to the glass on the inside of the aquarium to keep them in place.

The trick I found to making the silcone look good is to use a plastic spooon to clean up the excess silcone. worked flawlessly! Combined with the tape I added in the previous step they seam looked very nice. I also taped up the wrench that I tightned the bulkheads with so it wouldnt scartch them up.

Stay tuned, this build is starting to catch some speed. Most of the hardware should be in next week and I thought of some great ways to "recycle" a few things that I have at work..... Ill be posting some pics of the "recycling" tomorrow...
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