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martinmcnally 05-24-2017 04:27 PM

FS: Coral + Live Rock (Red Deer)
I am shutting down my tank to move house so will be selling off coral and live rock first.

I have:
Large Frog Spawn (7inch ball): $30
Green Fuzzy Mushrooms - Rock covered in them: $10
Green / Purple Mushrooms - Rock covered in them $10

Large Rose Bubble Tipped Anemone. I have 3 of these all approx 7-10 inches: $50 each

Green Paly Rock: $10
GSP Rock: $10
Fire & Ice Zoa Rock: $10

Captain America Zoa: $20

All of my live rock is covered in random mushrooms or zoas etc will be getting rid of that also at $10 per bucket full.

Text or call me 403-872-2591 for faster response.

Once I get some rock and coral out I will be selling the fish.

DiscusZ 05-24-2017 09:57 PM

What fish do you have ;)

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martinmcnally 05-25-2017 05:35 AM


Originally Posted by DiscusZ (Post 1014172)
What fish do you have ;)

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A few different tangs + clown fish.

martinmcnally 06-07-2017 10:32 PM


slider9969 06-08-2017 10:10 PM

thanks again man sweet deal !! And hes not kidding about the rocks being covered in corals i counted like 30 fuzzy mushroms and at leat 20 -30 zoas and pallys

wyettwest 11-19-2017 05:17 PM

anything left?

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