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jords 03-09-2019 10:08 PM

Red Marks on Green Chromis
Purchased 5 green chromis about 2 months ago. Today, I noticed red marks on one of them. Hours later, he is staying near the top and breathing heavy.
Disease or aggression? Something else?

Parameters are all perfect. Tank is 50 gallons and also has standard clownfish, tube anemone, and torch frag.

Hopefully the photo helps. No signs on other fish. Any help would be great!

jords 03-09-2019 10:12 PM

jords 03-09-2019 10:13 PM

smokinreefer 03-10-2019 04:20 AM

Hard to tell.
I'd say disease... Because for having them for 2 months that guy looks quite thin.

DKoKoMan 03-10-2019 06:01 AM

I’m going to also go with some sort of skin disease or infection.

straightrazorguy 03-10-2019 08:11 AM

Uronema. Google it.

Frogger 03-10-2019 08:05 PM


Originally Posted by straightrazorguy (Post 1034940)

I concur. Your tank will always have this parasite even if you do not have fish. Best option now is to keep your fish healthy, happy and low stressed. Healthy fish in a good environment are resistant. Not sure if you can effectively treat the fish.

Work on improving the biodiversity in your tank. Competition is the best defense.

Dearth 03-11-2019 02:02 AM

LifeIsGreat 04-26-2019 04:37 AM

I see this post is a bit old, but for anyone else seeing this I had a similar problem with a blue chromis a few days ago and the infection spread to my other fish. The host chromis and a clown died before I could do anything about it. Then I dropped some Jungle Fungus Clear into the tank and it seemed to stop the progression of the disease. Now the fish are getting better, minus some loss of tail fin length.

LifeIsGreat 04-26-2019 12:46 PM

Update: the meds just slowed the disease. I now have 100% loss. Note to self: quarantine for a few weeks before dropping new fish in the tank.

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