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chizerbunoi 12-02-2020 02:48 AM

Price gouging based on customer
I just learned from someone that I am significantly over paying for live stock at a LFS. The owner quotes me $50-$100 more for the same item compared to this other person.

I find that frustrating and wonder why I bother supporting my LFS when they cheat me. I wish Red Coral was still around. At least Kevin was trust worthy and knew how to retain his customers.

Do you find this as well in Calgary?

Magia 12-02-2020 04:10 AM

Where did this occur?

Thanhk87 12-02-2020 04:12 AM

I too have had this issue. If you still have the recept return it. If not a full refund at least store credit. If they refuse to then tell them they just lost a customer.
Personally i go with people or store i trust over pricing.
This goes farther than LFS itself.

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chizerbunoi 12-02-2020 04:22 AM


Originally Posted by Magia (Post 1046932)
Where did this occur?

A store across from a popular burger place.

It annoys me because I have been shopping there for a long time. I definitely would not go back there again. Makes me feel like window shopping going forward now, then having someone else call in and asking for the price before I buy.

FishyFishy! 12-02-2020 02:38 PM

What item were you looking at?

I can't stand some of the prices out there right now. Best prices for hard goods are definitely online at But... I hate waiting! lol.

I do understand that COVID has made the small business owners struggle, and I certainly want to help them out as much as I can. But inflating prices to a ridiculous markup is just not right. And especially if they are doing different prices from one customer to the next. I know that that particular owner definitely does that. I've seen it myself. When someone asks him a price... He looks up in the air and says aaahhhhhhh..... $150! lol. When they have to think about a price before he gives it to you it's probably not the best haha.

And those fish prices though!! So outrageous!! And especially when they are ick ridden sickly looking fish for $150. The worst is... That people in the reefing community are trying to get fish store prices for their private sale fish, which further inflates the prices of everything! That's the most frustrating thing to me. Like... $150 for a yellow tang? Get over yourself! lol. I like the $60 Tang prices of the past. Thank you to some members still offering reasonable prices on their private sales.

chizerbunoi 12-02-2020 03:45 PM

Hey Mike. Long time no chat. How’s that crazy dog of yours? I miss seeing your crazy tank builds. New house. Come in man. You used to be up there with Brett on all those new builds. Lol

It was for a magnificent anemone. I buy them regularly usually charged at $130. But got charged $200. And now I found out from someone this past weekend that he quoted them only $150. So because he knows I will buy them, it got marked up.

With JL the prices are posted and are typically consistent. Ah well.

Magia 12-02-2020 08:18 PM

Glad I’m not the only one that thought those prices were nuts! Shipping is hard to justify on small purchases. They got us by the short and curly!

lastlight 12-02-2020 09:46 PM


Originally Posted by chizerbunoi (Post 1046936)
You used to be up there with Brett on all those new builds..

And now I've had the same tank running for longer than any other... complete with two of Mike's tangs... go figure LOL.

FishyFishy! 12-03-2020 03:52 PM


Originally Posted by lastlight (Post 1046943)
And now I've had the same tank running for longer than any other... complete with two of Mike's tangs... go figure LOL.


And... I do have another build! Just haven't posted it on here yet. Decided not to sell the house in this market. So I got bored and set up a 100 gallon tank lol.

I can darn near look out my front window and see the ominous blue glow coming from Brett's house!

lastlight 12-03-2020 05:27 PM

We need to string some soup cans up so we can chat and giggle about reef things late at night unbeknownst to the wives =)

Also, get that thread going!

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