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Jaro 09-20-2011 04:06 AM

Where to buy a clean-up crew?
Anyone know where to get some clean-up crew creatures locally here in Calgary? I looked at a few stores and none of them had a large supply of hermits and snails so I ended up putting in an order with one of the canadian online retailers but I would prefer to keep my purchases local if possible.

However, now that I have placed the order, if anyone out there wants some clean up critters or anything else for that matter, shoot me a PM and I'm sure I can add it to my order. Plan was to have it arrive on Thursday but willing to delay a few days if others want in.

Bloodasp 09-20-2011 04:43 AM

Most stores carry lots of them, it's a slow season at this time i guess cause i don't see too many of them lately either.

kien 09-20-2011 05:30 AM

I was talking to Red Coral recently and was told that they plan to place an invert/clean up crew order soon. Maybe give them a shout and tell them what you're after. "soon" might be sooner (and cheaper) than Thursday.

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