View Full Version : WindowMakers 90g build thread

08-15-2013, 01:57 AM
Im excited to finally get to do one of these, lets see if I can remember to keep up with it.

Currently I have a 72g bow front, its established for a few years with an RBTA, acros, gonipora and some zoas.

Fish stock is a pair of oscelaris clowns, sixline wrasse, watchman goby, some shrimp and a long nose hawk.

I hate the bowfront and Im sick of my cpr overflow sounding like a jet. So time for change.

I just scored a 90g through a friend for $150. Tank looks almost brand new. Stand leaves something to be desired but is very sturdy and can have new life breathed into it.

The tank has a corner overflow with 2x 1" bulkheads, both will be used as drains.

The package came with a sump too, but IM not sure where I stand with that yet.

So, the plans...

Stand will have all of the trim stripped and be sanded down. I will then coat it wit a solid wood venire and be complimented with new solid wood trim. The hole cut above the door will have to be filled before I do this, but that should be fairly simple. Ill finish the stand off with some new raised panel doors as well.

The tank as I said will have a double drain in the corner overflow. Still trying to decide on a drain style, but Im assuming with two holes it will be a herbie (suggestions welcomed).

Ill also take the opportunity to create more rock scaping while Im at it. Not sure how that will go, thats the kind of thing Im bad at.

A double or maybe quad return will be plumbed over the top and use locline nozzles.

Lighting will include my 150W DIY LED that Im already running being potentially doubled to 300w as I built a second set when I made the first ones.

Im thinking an Apex may be in my near future now that I am seeing a far more attractive price point.

Ill stop rambling, here are pictures.