View Full Version : HQI lamp dead after a couple days?

08-12-2013, 06:39 PM
Hey everyone, a few months back I noticed that my MH light was not working after a tumble (moving) so my first assumption was that I'd damaged the lamp. Naturally I replaced it and installed a new 250w HQI lamp from a reputable brand. After a few days I noticed that it wasn't running again. The lamp was glowing, but wouldn't start properly. Now I was thinking that the starter had gone in my PFO ballast, so I grabbed a new (2nd hand) electronic ballast. That wouldn't fire my new bulb either.

At this point I inspected the fixture looking for damage to the lamp sockets, but couldn't see anything. I'm now thinking that I just got a dud for a replacement lamp, has anyone experienced this? (new HQI lamp that would not properly start after only a few days)