View Full Version : Filter sock makes skimmer go bizzerk

07-22-2013, 12:59 AM
I was cleaning out some stuff and came across a new filter sock. Since I'd been lazy and hadnt washed my other ones, thought I'd throw in my sump. Well my skimmer went nuts and immediately started to overflow. I pulled the sock out within a few minutes but the skimmer still hasn't settled down. It's been well over an hour since I did this. It's a vertex sock that comes in the box.

Socks are in the washing machine now. Is just because it's newish??

07-22-2013, 01:18 AM
There might be some manufacturing chemical on new filter media socks,filter floss,pads etc.Temporary and most likely harmless.

07-22-2013, 04:02 AM
Things have settled down now and all is good! Thanks

07-23-2013, 12:29 AM
This always happens with my new-ish filter bags. Once I've washed then 8-10 times they don't do that anymore, bbut for the first several washings they do mess up the skimmer for a few minutes.

07-23-2013, 12:34 AM
I have had the same thing happen to me as well now I just wash before I use them lol