View Full Version : Vertex Illumina 260 issues.

06-03-2013, 07:29 AM
I've got a 48" Vertex Illumina 260 fixture, hoping someone here is familiar with them!

I've been running my script for about a month now, and decided to do a firmware update on the unit and the vlink. Both of them were shown as successful updates.

I tried loading my old config file - but it wouldn't work, as it would only load one module with the config.

So, after fiddling for about an hour trying to make it work - which it should, considering the unit itself says my lights at at 5/51/50%, the app says it's at 5/51/50% - but it's not.

So, I figured out that erasing everything and starting over with it, saving it, it worked.

But then half way through the day, the light got brighter? Makes no sense. I tried doing copying from light / copy to light - start program. And only one module is loading the config file again.

I tried doing the config file again, reloading it has my config file on the one module again, and the rest are all 100% When I go to light manager, it shows what it's SUPPOSED to be, when I exit it - it's back to 100%, despite what my config file says.

When I start the program, the first module will turn on for a second, and then all of them turn on to 100%

When I go to light preview, it turns three on, then all of them on, then has 100% with module 1 off!

I'm about ready to throw this thing off my balcony.

06-07-2013, 05:45 AM
when you did the firmware update on the light, did you do the quick or the long one? the quick one takes about 2-4 mins at best, and only does the first pod.

if you do the full one, it will get every pod and work perfectly. at least thats the issue i had with mine

06-07-2013, 05:45 AM
I did actually fix the problem by doing exactly what you described. I did the long one, and now everything is functioning the way it should.