View Full Version : lighting siesta period?

05-20-2013, 09:49 PM

Curious - my lights are currently set:

1 hour ramp up 2-3PM - full light (70%) - 3-12AM
12-2AM - slow ramp down sunset

fuge light: 3AM-3PM

Unfortunately, I don't get to see the beauty of my tank, because I leave for work at 11AM and I don't get home until 12-1AM most of the times, by the time I get home - all my corals are going to sleep!

I considered a 'siesta' period - where the lights would turn on earlier when I'm home getting ready for work - be on for about 4 hours, then turn off again for 4 hours, then turn on for another 5 hours or so - so I can enjoy it both before and after work.

Has anyone else done a siesta period? I did this with my planted tank for years, and it worked well for both algae growth and co2 injection, as the co2 was only on when the lights were on.


05-20-2013, 10:42 PM
I did this on a 6 on 6 off period. Corals did great but fish were a little weird. It took about 2 weeks for fish to react but they were skittish and would feed normaly. I ended up going back to 8 hour on 16 off

IMO you would be best to set lights for when your home from work