View Full Version : May 31 fragalot group buy.

05-17-2013, 01:46 PM
I'm doing another fragalot order soon. Shippings already cover, and theres a new order arriving next Wensday (may 22) the website will be updated. If anyone wants in let me know. Order will probally be for may 31

Jacus Placus
05-30-2013, 10:11 PM
Ill put in an order if not too late

05-30-2013, 10:29 PM
Burcs busy doping the frag fest so I'm waiting till the next week or to

Jacus Placus
05-30-2013, 10:33 PM
Ill start making a list.
Which frag fest?

05-31-2013, 01:43 AM
The London Ontario frag fest. He's the main sponsor I think. Pluse he'll be updating his site at some point.

06-06-2013, 10:39 AM
Sites been updated ill have a order coming June 14

06-06-2013, 01:03 PM
We just received 1 and i have to say Stunning :-)

06-09-2013, 12:42 PM
Bump so far I have 4 orders in I'm gonna do cutoff for Tuesday then delivery for Friday the 14th

06-13-2013, 03:58 PM
Delivery is gonna end up being Tuesday the 18th any issues send me a pm

06-14-2013, 05:48 PM
Anyone eles that wants in can until Sunday midnight ended beeping later for Thursday so now the shipment is coming for Tuesday the 18th pm me if your interested

06-18-2013, 05:59 AM
I'm still waiting to here from fragalot about shipping ill keep everyone posted in what's going on.

06-18-2013, 01:22 PM
This is what burc said

Hi Phil

I am so sorry for the delay :( I had a little accident onn the weekend. I can't use my left arm. Would it be okay to delay shipment next week? I do apologize for the delay. I ll add 3 free frags to everyones order.


So anyone how was a problem let me know personally I don't care when I get them. Anyone who wants to cancel there order talk to burc

06-18-2013, 06:09 PM
I'm in no rush. I'll always accept free frags!

06-18-2013, 06:47 PM
I don't mind waiting either. But now I'm curious... Are we able to add to our order if we wanted?

Jacus Placus
06-18-2013, 07:44 PM
Where do we meet to pick up the orders?

Jacus Placus
06-18-2013, 08:58 PM
I guess I should have read the above post. I can definitely wait. Free frags is a nice gesture from them. Let us know when it ships.
Thanks a million again!

Fish Friendly
06-19-2013, 12:04 AM
Yea, waiting is ok with me too.

06-26-2013, 12:21 AM
I have the tracking number frags will be here tomorrow

Jacus Placus
06-26-2013, 02:29 PM

06-26-2013, 11:24 PM
So were do we pick them up or did they not come in?

06-27-2013, 12:27 AM
Pick up at my place I'm workin 12 hour shifts wife picked the box up ill be home at 730 shoot me a text for directions.


06-28-2013, 03:23 AM
I just wanted to say that Burc really went out of he's way with adding all the extra frags for this order, he was very generous and the corals look great!

06-28-2013, 03:36 AM
There was a couple of missing frags but think it was just lost in translation as he packs the orders to a master list I make and sometime guys add stuff or change there orders and I don't get a copy of the new lists. But there was a huge amount of free frags and some were supper nice. I had two doas on the last order an he replaced no questions asked on this one. Some guys just get too excited and flip out when they get a Doa some things just don't ship well. We had 3 of the same frags sent of something an two were beautiful and one was a Doa all off the same colony so u never know.

Fish Friendly
06-28-2013, 04:37 AM
Pmed you

Fish Friendly
06-28-2013, 11:10 AM
PM`ed and texted