View Full Version : Unorthodox MP10 fix

04-29-2013, 04:12 PM
So I bought a used MP10 and the dry side had a fairly higher pitched hum..before you ask..it was perfectly aligned with the wetside.

Yesterday while working in the sump I accidently caught the MP10 power cord and the dryside disconnected and banged off the sump wall and fell inside the sump.. :shocked!:
Pulled it out right away..the controller flashed several different colours. I unplugged it immediately. Left unplugged for the day and used a hairdryer to warm it up and try and evaporate any water that may have managed to get in.

When I set it up and plugged it back in this morning.. it is nearly silent and working great. Must have banged something into alignment.

Although it helped...I would not recommend trying this at home...:lol:

The clips did not come with the used MP10 so I have added Velcro strips to hold the power cord to prevent this from happening again.