View Full Version : Photobucket - Tips and Tricks for the new Beta Version

02-23-2013, 10:29 PM
Here's a good place to tell others about anything useful you have learned in this new version

Please don't turn this thread into a discussion about other photo hosting sites, or a photobucket bash-fest

Turn on easy linking mode
I have become used to being able to link my pics by looking for the #, not the image
I am also used to the old 'quick link' option
This option turns on the list of links available, and shows the pic's name or number as it appears on your 'uploaded from' device
- Click your Username ( top right-ish ), User Settings, Album ( on the left in blue, under Personal Information ), and click the check box where it reads 'Turn on easy linking mode'
Now you use it nearly the same as the previous version. With your desired picture to link on-screen;
- Click the code 'style' you want on the left, and copy the blue hi-lighted 'code' beside it

Upload to correct Album
This has been bugging me for awhile, but I was too lazy to spot this until today
- After clicking Upload, and before uploading, select the correct 'Upload to' location from the 'Library' drop-down menu on the left

Linking to a site from Photobucket
If you're new to this;
I prefer to link a pic, not it's image code, so viewers don't have to click on code, but simply enjoy
Once you have Easy Linking turned on - below the image is it's name and 4 linking options;
- Click on 'IMG code' and the code will turn blue. Copy it with either 'right-click + copy' or 'Ctrl + c'
- Add it to your post with either 'right-click + paste' or 'Ctrl + p'
On Canreef, use the 'Preview Post' button to be sure you've done what you planned to :smile: