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01-19-2013, 01:09 AM
I'm curious, is it really necessary to closely monitor my ph if i am 2 part dosing. Reason I ask is I would like to buy a apex jr (as it is only $240 compared to lite at twice the price) to run my 2 dosing pumps and skimmer. My lights and mp40 do not need any help so I'm thinking a jr will suffice. Thoughts kindly appreciated

01-19-2013, 01:31 AM
As long as you monitor your ca and alk. Ph should be fine. Many of us do not monitor ph.

01-19-2013, 01:32 AM
Many may tell you monitoring pH is a waste of time and money if you're dosing and testing to keep your Alk/Ca/Mg acceptable
To back this up, when I first started out, my pH was around 7.8 at best
Once I started dilligently keeping my Alk between 7 and 8 dKH, and balanced it with my Ca and Mg, my pH has been stable between 8.1 lights on and 8.3 lights out

01-19-2013, 01:36 AM
Yeah when I first started I was dumping ph up into tank. Nothing would happen. Once my tank matured and I figured out the essential three. (Which work hand in hand). My ph balanced out 8.1

01-19-2013, 01:37 AM
Thankx for the advice gentlemen. I am taking the next step in reefing and am very excited. i think its time to add some specifics to my profile.

01-19-2013, 01:41 AM
Seen Apex jr.'s in town new for $130-140 (Edmonton stores)

01-19-2013, 01:45 AM
BTW, I find it comforting having my lights on my controller ...
I have them set to turn off if my temp gets too high
Won't help you visually at night if they are already off, but helps during the day, not only visually, but also mechanically, to turn them off if your temps get too high

01-19-2013, 01:55 AM
+1 I have everything on my apex. I turn off my halides it it gets too hot but I also like my heater on it or chiller. If the heater ever fails on the apex cuts power to it same with chiller.

01-19-2013, 02:08 AM
The heaters are a great idea. I have a vertex 260 illumina so that's all automated and no heat. Anybody have a link for the cheap apex in Edmonton?

01-19-2013, 02:10 AM
Just looked everywhere and advertised price Martin is the cheapest around but most time I get stores to come close to others prices. The cheep jr I seen was at aqurium illusions