View Full Version : Some quick videos

01-17-2013, 04:43 AM
Got a few videos the other day. Nothing special. They are shot with my phone so going full screen, at 1080p is your best way to watch them.

Finally (after 3 weeks of putting him in) I got to see my tiger pistol shrimp in action. I have had a yellow watchman goby since he was little (purchased in 2007) and he has always been lonely. So I got him a friend. They immediately found one another, and I finally got to see them in action together. I can watch the shrimp work for hours, lol. Funny, that right after he was done working on this trench/perch for a few hours, he knocked it all down and went to another dig site, lol.


And here is a shot of my true percula clowns. They were purchased together as little babies in 2007. I get eggs on a regular basis. Never harvest them (just don't have the time to raise them), so the fish get some extra nutrition. They are in their RBTA, which the went to as soon as I added it to the tank. Then I pan over to see the tiger pistol shrimp doing burn outs in his little cave.