View Full Version : Smart Bulbs On The Horizon

10-22-2012, 03:25 PM
Looks like this could be a simple solution for controlling aquarium lighting for those of us that like our DIY projects, but may not have the skills to build & program electronic controllers. Not sure there's a dimming option at the moment, but out of the box, you'll have remote ON/OFF functionality, probably with timing options through their software on your home 802.xx network. So all those timers I have can go out the window and I won't need to buy a separate controller.

EDIT: just did a little more reading & all the features we like are available, sunrise, sunset, heck even disco or strobe if you wish!


Just need to get our hands on the wifi chip that they're putting into the light bulbs. Might need to sacrifice one to have a look at what makes it tick. But I'm sure in time, the chip itself should become available.