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10-21-2012, 01:23 AM
I was passing through Van today and stopped by Ocean's Aquatics. I am sorry to see that such a lovely store has been closed, but I was very concerned to see that everything in the store has been seized by a bailiff yet all of the fish and coral are still sitting IN the store. Does anybody know what is going to happen to all those fish? Is anyone feeding them? I am certain a company of lawyers would not care or have the knowledge to care for the fish. Are they just going to be left to slowly starve and die?

Is there anything a concerned citizen can do to ensure that all of those beautiful fish are not just left to die?

10-21-2012, 02:41 AM
Most likely everything was left on a Bailee's undertaking, meaning yes all goods are seized but the store is still able to operate. At the very least the owners still have access and most likely still taking care of the fish and corals. landlords can not seize and terminate a lease, one or the other.

Is the store closed permanently? If so, perhaps there's another store that could contact the landlord and offer to take the livestock? You could find out who the landlord or management company is, they may be able to tell you if the livestock is being looked after but would have to wait until Monday.

Was there a notice posted on the door? I've only ever done seizures on tenants when they are open, not closed so there's obviously more to this.

I've never been involved in a seizure that involves live animals though, but if this was my tenant, I would ensure that the animals continued to be cared for. If they weren't, chances are the owners bailed and won't be back. The bailiff would provide instructions in this case and would likely allow another group/store to remove with any cash going to the tenants debt.

The Grizz
10-21-2012, 05:52 AM
The store is up for sale but if all the store contents have been seized it is the responsibility of the bailiffs office to insure that all livestock is properly looked after as it would be considered aminal cruelty for them to not care for them.

10-21-2012, 07:09 AM
Not that it's my place to say anything but tough times are tough times and I'm sorry for the owners loss it's tough to lose something you have work hard at to achieve. And I hope it works out for them in the end.

On a side note it is the responsibility of the bailiff to sell at whatever cost to other stores via auction or privately to find new homes for the inhabitants.. That being said the bailiff/landlord/bank may have also worked something out with the owner that we don't know so no reason to jump to conclusions.

As a locks ith I have come apon couple of these situations locking out the old owners of a pet store. I personally was given the opportunity to take a few of the animals home to find new homes for them. Animal protection took the puppies from the puppy mill and records to try and shut down the mill. And the rest of the livestock was taken to a local pets store. All dry goods sent to auction. So it may appear that there is neglect but I'm guessing not. If you are extremely concerned. Intact the owner and ask questions or contact the bailiff. I'm sure they will be happy to ease your mind.

Again I hope all goes well for the owner with his troubles.

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