View Full Version : FTS and update

09-16-2012, 02:59 AM
Well I'm finally happy with how my tank is going ,so I figured I would post a FTS.

After some worry with the tips of my SPS STN'ing ,a water and bulb change seems to have fixed things. I went from hagen lights to wavepoint lights ,a Super Blue Actinic and a Sun Wave. I'm happy with the way it makes the tank/coral look ,and the coral seems to like it.

Also in the pictures ,never mind the little floating "breeder" tank ,I have a halloween crab that enjoys knocking over my coral ,so he's stuck in "prison" until I figure out what to do with him :p

So without further adieu ,here are the pictures :)

Full Tank Shot

A Red Goniopora I picked up at frag fest

Herm. I felt like I took more. Oh well.