View Full Version : Help setting up new tank

09-12-2012, 10:44 PM
Is there anyone around the sylvan area interested in helping me set up a new saltwater tank ? It s my first one and I need some advice and know how , I am very handy and can do all the building myself I just would like a foreman to keep me on the right track , I only want to set it up once and have it work great and allow for future upgrades . I am willing to pay for someone with experience in either cash or trade ! I am a 20 year carpenter specializing in the finishing area

This is what I have right now ,a 95 gallon wave front tank some HOB filters, a coralife 125 skimmer and pump and a fluval fx5 canister filter .

I would like to build a sump in the basement and need help in some of the planning and what equipment I will need to purchase as I expect I can't use the fluval pump