View Full Version : NAC6 skimmer pump (Atman PH-2500)

04-04-2012, 01:23 AM
I would like to give some well deserved credit where credit is due.

Too often we only hear about bad vendor service and experiences, but now I can share an outstanding one!

My 8 month old Bubble Magus - NAC6 skimmer pump (Atman PH-2500) had stopped working last week due to an internal short in the pump motor. I emailed Michael, of 'Aqua Digital Inc' after being referred to him by the original shop I had purchased the skimmer from.

Within about 10 minutes of me sending the email, I received a response from Micheal asking for my address so he could courier out a new replacement pump! I received the new pump within a few days and all is working like a champ again.

... Unbelievable service! …

A new “lifelong” customer now!