View Full Version : Panorama PRO RGB LED Fixture

03-30-2012, 12:46 AM
Just replaced my 2 Ecoxotic Blue Stunners with this. I was looking to add more of the natural spectrum that my Vertex Illumilux and my 2 Panorama PRO 12K White/445nm Blue LED fixtures.

It's pretty neat, you can dial in what ever colour you want. I was passed on some tips from Jeff at J&L Aquatics that the reason why quite a few of the newer LED's were adding Red and Green LED's. He told me that nobody really knows what corals really need as far as the spectrum of lighting. However, natural sunlight provides the full spectrum, which is why corals grow naturally in the oceans. We as Reefers prefer to see more Blue in our tanks thinking that it emulates the ocean. Blue light does penetrate deeper than any other colour of the spectrum, hence deepwater corals thrive. He is one smart cookie!

Anyhow, this was why I bought the Panorama PRO RGB. It is super bright on it's own, especially when you turn on all 3 colours. The remote control is neat also. The only disadvantage is that you cannot program the fixture to ramp up/down, sunrise/sunset. You can however save up to 6 different colour combinations.

I took a video with my iPhone of the fixture on my tank. Excuse the quality of the video.