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03-05-2012, 07:25 AM
So, im starting my second marine aquarium. It is 6'x18"x22". I recently upgraded from an FX5, which I ran due to size constraints. I have since upgraded to a Eshopps R-300 refugium/sump. It measures 3'x16"x16".

System Specs:
-Eshopps PSK-200 in-sump protein skimmer
-200 micron filter sock (changed twice weekly)
-100lbs LR (soon to be 150 I hope - the new rock will be cured of course)
-150lbs sand (DT)
-5" Deep Sand Bed in refugium
-chaetomorpha macroalgae
-starting sugar dosing
-aqueon 110 overflow box
-1300GPH return pump (dialed back to about 900GPH)
-2x 1050GPH koralia powerheads
Current Inhabitants:
-snowflake eel 16"
-male bluethroat trigger 4.5"
-emperor devil pseudochromis (Labracinus melanotaenia) 4.5" ~ in the sump ATM.
Planned Inhabitants?:
-maroon clownfish (4") a friends, quite healthy.
-butterflyfish (have some aptasia, always liked the look of them).
-anglerfish (refugium)

The snowflake moray has always been exceedingly hardy as the first occupant. The pseudochromis has eaten like a pig and done great, aside from fin-rot treated with tea tree oil. The bluethroat trigger is new and has hid for the last 3 days since I got it. I've seen it dart into hiding a couple of times after the sight of my presence. He has yet to eat. He was quite a healthy specimen, hence the impulse buy. However the pseudochromis is far too mean, as I figured, and got sumped.

I have considered an anglerfish, in the refugium; based on its large apetite and its vulnerability to bullying -they are so cool! So, this is where I would trade the pseudochromis to a friend for a maroon clownfish to go in the DT. Of course the butterflyfish would be added before the clownfish.

Keep in mind this is French to me, most of my knowledge is in the reef aquarium. Now heres the real question(s): Do you see any compatability issues or over stocking? My main concern is if any butterflyfish could put up with a maroon clown on a 'bad day'. Any suggestions for a smaller anglerfish? The only one I can think of is a wartskin. Lastly, any suggestions to a hardy butterflyfish that isnt too timid would be much oblidged.

Any input is appretiated! I will post pics of before and after the sump. I know now no matter how hard I try the sumps are a must.