View Full Version : looking for some advice few tank problems going on?

12-27-2011, 05:13 AM
So up first is i think i over cleaned my tank and put it into a mini cycle? anything i can do to help them all out ? all seem to be fairly stressed ... next think is im still dealing with hole in the head was using this stuff i bought at the local store here and is suppose to cure it it was treated for a week and the hole is still in there? anything i can do? stuff i was using was Maracyn
didnt last long before it ran out.. now the last question is what would be the best way of getting your old gravel out of the tank well keeping it running to change it out for some new stuff??? thanks guys

The Grizz
12-27-2011, 05:21 AM
Never had a cycle in a fresh water tank just amonnia spikes, cured by 30% water change. Hole in head can take several weeks or months to cure. Best is to move the fish to a very small tank to treat, takes less meds and is more concentrated. Syphon gravel out during water changes until its all out, rinse the new stuf and put it in using a cup close to the bottom of the tank.