View Full Version : just bought a nano, need help stocking

12-13-2011, 08:12 AM
Hey guys,

got a JBJ nano 28g. I am downgrading from my 90g and sold almost everything off.

I will be building a reef with the coral and LR i saved from my still running 90g and would like some suggestions.

I definitely would like to do a goby/pistol pair. I think ive decided on a yellow watchman goby, and a tiger pistol shrimp.

I kept my two percula clowns, and royal gramma, I also have a little cucumber.

so. I will have 2 clowns, a royal gramma, yellow watchman and tiger pistol, and hopefully can keep this little spiny cuc.

any thing else i can add?

i would like (if possible) maybe a fire fish, and or another small goby, a yellowhead jawfish, a bangaii cardinal, or other small nano fish u may suggest.

my reef will consist of colorfull softies and a couple easy LPS I am looking for an easy and colourfull, active , interesting to watch nano.

wanna get it right the first time. I am fairly new to the sw world, but not the hobby. I have had great success with my 90g over the last year (i got into sw 1 year ago, fw for 10 years. I just want a smaller tank as im downsizing all my tanks.


12-13-2011, 08:17 AM
check this link out. very good. he put a lot of time into it.

i think this link is allowed here... this is where i found it. if not sorry mods delete it.