View Full Version : freshwater fertilizers for planted tanks

12-05-2011, 12:50 AM
hey Im cleaning up my aquarium stuff and came across all my planted tank fertilizers shut down planted tank around a year ago
heres a list of what I have

KH2PO4 probably around 3-4 pounds
KNO3 probably around 3-4 pounds
7% dry chleated Iron 100 grams or so
Seachem Iron 500 ml bottle 90 % left
Seachem flourish 500 ml bottle10% left
Seachem flourish excel 250 ml bottle 30% left
Seachem neutral regulator 50 g bottle opened but never used
Seachem equilibrium 300g bottle 50% left

located in Maple Ridge Dont want to store it but also dont want to give it away so lets say 15 pack budweiser takes it as I have more use for that