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10-14-2011, 11:32 PM
So I think I am going to move my sump to the basement, but have no idea what pump I am going to need to replace mine. It will have to pump about 10' up and maybe 60' over or so.


10-15-2011, 02:30 AM

Everything you should need to know...I use this calculator alot.

10-15-2011, 04:23 AM
60 feet, big pump. No way to reduce the run?

10-15-2011, 05:10 AM
Something elso to consider with a total of 70' run is sump size. You'll need to provide sufficient capacity in the sump to collect all the water draining from the pipe when the pump is shut down or if there's a power failure. Otherwise, mini flood.

10-15-2011, 05:20 AM
That pump is going to have to be huge an draw massive wattage to move water that far I wouldn't bother if the closest you. Could get a sump is 70 feet 3-400 watts running 24/7 will be expensive

10-15-2011, 05:24 AM
hmm...well since that seems to far, maybe i will put it on the other side of the basement, which would put it about 10-15' over instead of 60'

10-15-2011, 05:53 AM
My sump is in the basement 10 feet up 50 feet across.
Im using a Reeflo barracuda pump this pump is amazing running 1.5 years solid.
The valve is turned down more than halfway and i still have too much flow.
if your overflow bulkhead is 1 " it could only handle about 900gph flow anyways.

Money pit
10-15-2011, 06:24 AM
Anyone know what would happen if he went 11' up instead of 10'. Then ran the 60" piece at a slightly down ?

10-15-2011, 03:24 PM
I didn't think the friction loss on horizontal runs is all that much provided there aren't too many fittings? Just guessing tho, since I haven't run the numbers thru the head loss calculator.

My planned basement sump will be almost directly under the display so probably also around 11 to 12 feet of vertical head. I've purchased a nearly new Panworld NH-150PS & also a previously owned but new looking Poseidon PS4 to move the water. Panworld is a pressure biased pump & will be used in the warmer months while I'd like to use the Poseidon in the winter since I understand they add heat to the water. Although the Poseidon is flow biased rather than for high head pressure applications, I've seen a few threads with folks using them for basement sumps. The Panworld is comparable to Iwaki & Blueline. I think the Poseidon was also sold under the Velocity brand name. Poseidon PS3 is similar to PS4 but pressure biased. By the looks of the flow charts, the loss at the head pressure for both models is close to the same. Will be less than the Panworld, but still ok I think.

10-15-2011, 04:10 PM
Look at the Reeflo pumps, expensive but in my opinion worth every penny when it comes to high head pressure systems.

10-16-2011, 04:51 AM
I'm about 12' horizontal, 10' vertical, 1.5" line

Started with a March 6 series (a big noisy beast, would of had no problem with the 60'), switched to Iwaki MD70 (great pump, no seals, easy 2000gph) now using a Barracuda (little quieter and a little less current draw than the Iwaki). Still in the box is a Velocity T4 (same as PS4, told they're silent, concern is flow will be around 800gph).

Had also considered a Dart. Was trading e-mails will Reeflo and they figured a Dart with a modified impeller I could probably get 1000gph.

11-12-2011, 08:45 PM
So I'm leaning towards a Snapper/Dart Hybrid, what do yo guys think? and the run will probably only come out to about 40ft or so.

11-13-2011, 12:53 AM
friendly bunch at Reeflo, I'd e-mail your layout (pipe size, vertical/horizontal run lengths, number/types of fitting etc) and see what they think for max flow.

11-13-2011, 03:15 AM
+1 for great reeflo service, they sent me new bearings/seals because i emailed and asked what oil to use on the seals, and i even told them i got the pump second hand.

11-14-2011, 04:34 PM
So I emailed them and they suggested the new blow hole BH1450. Has anyone tried this pump? and where can a guy find one?


11-14-2011, 05:50 PM
adjustable speed, mag drive, dead silent, small footprint, and only loses 40% flow at 20' of head pressure, and 20% at 10'. Seems like a dream pump, it'll be interesting to see how these things work.

Never heard of them before this though, seem cool. You should be our guinea pig :P

11-29-2011, 04:53 AM
So I got the BH1450 today and finished running the lines to the basement. This is a nice pump, its tiny, adjustable and I cant even hear it running. I am running it on the middle setting right now, and just by sight it is flowing about the same as my old pump I had in my stand.