View Full Version : Quick tour of pet stores in Kelowna that had marine stuff

09-28-2011, 10:45 PM

I just did a local tour of salt related pet stores in Kelowna:

Purple Seahorse
-Had a number of tangs yellows, regals, nasos, etc. most looked like they were in decent shape
-Apparently the best deal on Instant Ocean/Reef Crystals in the area
-Livestock and tanks looked like they were doing much better than when I lasted visited a number of months ago

Pet City
-They have a nice mixed reef display tank under MHs/T5s
-A number of tangs, anthias, etc.
-Tanks looked very clean, and the fish were active and healthy
-A selection of Softy/LPS and the odd Acro
-Live rock for about $7.99 I think. It looked like branch rock with some coraline on it and was "fully cured".

Total Pet
-Tanks appeared dirty & dark
-Only a handful of fish and they didn't seem very active
-Live rock for $14.99 a pound (I probably wouldn't let it near my tank)

In summary I would avoid Total Pet for now, and would visit both Pet City and Purple Sea horse again.

10-03-2011, 11:51 PM
+Rep for Purple Sea Horse and Pet City, both owners are great guys and try their best to support reefers.

Pet City puts all livestock into a quarantine/hospital tank for 30 days before it goes up for sale. Good ethics there, so I shop there when I can.

But I also say this after receiving an order or dry good from J&L this morning, and not one single thing in the box is stocked at any of the mentioned local stores :redface: