View Full Version : Large protein skimmer $50 with gate valve

07-01-2011, 04:39 AM
This is large protein skimmer 21" high 4.5" diameter air/water mixing chamber.( I will confirm the exact measurements later)
Air driven by 2 air stones. With large Gate valve with double gates on the blade, the gate valve alone is $40.
With the Gate valve it is very easy to adjust the water level. I had it running on my 65 Gal and as you can see it pooled very good amount of crud. Keep in mind that it was competing with Deltec for proteins and did a very good job at that. For that reason i would easily rate it for 120 Gal tank.
All you need is small power head and air pump (the bigger the air pump the better) I had it running with tiny MJ 400. Less flow = longer contact time. has a good volume collection cup, plankton friendly. Kept my ORP constantly above 400, my tank is SPS dominated so ORP is paramount. Reason for selling is that I got a 700 L/H needlewheel cone skimmer, so this one is for sale.
I know some of you will smile at this old timer , nevertheless it did fantastic job and kept my SPS happy.
Cleaning is very easy, actually takes less time then to clean my Deltec skimmer cup. I prefer to keep two skimmers for the redundancy and also to see which one will "starve" the other in terms of skimming. Because any skimmer will skim when water is loaded with proteins, the question is which one will continue to skim when the other one is not. (does that make sense?)

very clean (6 days vinegar bath+brash) and ready to skimm..mm :smile:

with collection cap off you can see the bubbles are perfect size. the flow you can control by the size of the pump and the level with the gate vlave.