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05-17-2011, 05:21 PM

So I had a question which would be the best way to setup my filtration system?
I have a 24 Gallon Nano Tank. So my question is what should I be putting in each chamber?

The items I need are
Heater, Skimmer, Filtration Sponge, Carbon Media, Live Rocks

Is there anything I am forgetting or I dont need?

Also can anyone recommend a skimmer that can fit in a 24 gallon nano?


I was thinking the following

Chamber 1: Empty
Chamber 2: Skimmer and Live rocks, Heater
Chamber 3: Filtration Sponges + Carbon Media


Let me know what you have configured.

05-18-2011, 04:06 AM
The way I have my JBJ NanoCube 24.

#3 - filter floss pad, sponge (aquaclear 300 fits perfectly) then live rock. Those filters are replaced weekly. I let the sponge dry out and rotate on a weekly basis.

#2 - live rock

#1 - 200 watt heater and maxijet 1200 powerhead

If I purchased an in sump protein skimmer, I would put a Tunze nano 9200/ AquaC Nano Urchin in chamber #1.

If I purchased a hang on the back skimmer, I would put it on chamber #3.

If I wanted a refugium of cheato, I would have it on top of live rock in sump #2.

Some people put in carbon like Seachem purigen but my water stays clear with weekly 30% water changes anyways.