View Full Version : What a hoot

04-01-2011, 06:41 AM
So I guess this is a shameless plug, but a while back I ordered something from SWC and there was a shipping snafoo that resulted in a delay in me getting the product. Mistakes happen, not a big deal. Contacted SWC, and Jayson responded from Bali (I wouldn't have even checked my e-mail from there) and was totally awesome and said he'd deal with it.

This was a few weeks ago and I had completely forgotten about it, until I checked the mail tonight to find a 10 dollar cheque from SWC - 2 bucks more than the difference in expedited vs non-expedited shipping prices (which is more than I had asked for).

I was already pretty enamored with SWC because their products are brilliant, but that's just gravy. You think customer service is a dead art, and then you're very, very pleasantly surprised.

Thanks Jayson!