View Full Version : Ich or Brooklynella: The Battle Begins.. advice appreciated.

03-23-2011, 11:54 PM
My little clowns have come down very very sick. They either have acute Brooklynella or Ich and I am not too sure which one, but I am thinking it is Brook.

The night before last night the Tangora Goby I had in the 20L died and I noticed the white spots on it. It didn't take long for these little guys to get covered with white spots and yesterday they had been a little listless in my 20L tank and gasping for air at the top of the tank.

The ate like champs though, so I made sure they got Mysis shrimp yesterday mixed with a touch of garlic.

So, I made a hospital tank for them out of the IO bucket I use for the water changes for the 20L.
I found an old bottle of coppersafe amongst my old freshwater supplies. There was enough left in the bottle for perhaps two and a half teaspoons full.

Because I don't know what I have for certain at the time, I used the coppersafe, but had no formalin or malachite green around.. After doing some research, I came across a site and it stated that if the fish were in rough shape, that a freshwater dip for 3-5min should help to alleviate some of the parasites and the mucous buildup around the gills.

So I did the dip for a slow count of 60secs three times and then put them back into the hospital set up with the coppersafe in it. My larger clown improved dramatically after the dip and began swimming around more and not being so listless near the top of the tank.

Well they survived the night.. that's good isn't it?

Went to the pet store today.. they had no direct formalin, or malachite green on it's own.. they did have coppersafe though, but that stuff won't work on Brook, which the formalin and malachite green do.

But, they did have Kordon, Rid-Ich Plus disease treatment for both freshwater and saltwater.
On the back of this product, because it doesn't just list the ingredients in it like something normal would, it states that every 5ml of this product contains 0.05mg/l malachite green and 15mg/l of formalin and treats 10g of water.

So, I have the babies in ~2g of water and am therefore dosing 1ml and as per instructions will be doing so every 24hours.

Here is a picture of my clowns today, just after I added the treatment.



And here is a VIDEO (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlybqUSYVZg) of them in the bucket with the first treatment of Rid-Ich (makes the water blue).
Please let me know what you think of their chances based on information I have provided and how they are acting in the video.

Also, does any one else who has gone through this have any additional advice? Much Appreciated.

03-24-2011, 12:25 AM
THat is looking like brook but could be early stages of ICK here is a link on Brook very good.
Normal Ick treatments does not get rid of Brook so read carfully.



03-25-2011, 07:23 AM
Well my little fishies are still alive, which is a good thing.. It is the third day in the quaranteed and 2nd day with medication.
Did a 26% water change today as per instructions, concentrating on taking the water from the bottom of the bucket, and then added another full 1ml dose of the med.
The Rid-Ich seems to be working, as they are swimming normally more and more (ie: reacting by swimming down when the lid of the bucket is lifted) and hungry all the time now like normal.

I have a three led moonlight hanging in the bucket as a subdued light for them so they don't get their schedules too messed up for when they eventually go back in the 20L.