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01-11-2011, 11:22 PM
Hey guys, Iím going to be in Toronto for a while and was wonder if there is anyone here in the GTA that could recommend a good salt water store for me to check out


01-11-2011, 11:46 PM
In order of "best to still great"

Reefraft, Oakville Reef Gallery, North American Fish Breeders, Aquatic Kingdom, a few Big Als (Mississauga, Oakville)


01-11-2011, 11:51 PM
Are you going to be getting around by car here? Are you based in the east or west end or north?

To the north of the city, there's Sea U Marine - it's probably one of the best SW stores in the GTA and IMO a must go.

To the east there's North American Fish Breeders - they bring in a lot of stuff and usually cheap. Getting there on shipment day usually means you'll come away with a gem or two for not a lot of coin. There's also the Big Als in scarborough, which, of the Big Al's I've been to in southern ontario, is among the better ones in terms of staffing and livestock. They get some interesting pieces once in a while.

Centrally, if you're into smaller stuff, odd ball nano-friendly fish, Menagerie pet store is a great shop. Harold (manager) is great to chat with too, and I usually spend an hour talking to him when I go.

To the West there's a bunch of shops in a small cluster. There's Big Al's (I don't bother going here), Aquatic Kingdom (been there twice, won't make a special trip out there), and Reef Raft. Jay and Jensen at Reef Raft get some really really nice pieces in - just know what you're looking at, and you'll be well taken care of there.

Further west is Oakville Reef Gallery. I haven't been there, but they do have some spectacular shipments - but I never really feel pressed to go there.

All in all, we have a few very good SW stores in the area. Hope you have fun touring the shops here - I always like visiting new LFS, so visiting them in other towns is a great fun usually.

01-11-2011, 11:54 PM
Thanks guys, this helps out a lot.

I'm in the west(ish) end, near the airport so a lot of these won't be too far of a drive when you have all night to spare.

Thanks again

03-26-2011, 04:11 AM
the big al's in Vaughn isnt too bad either, and there is another little reef store in that area...just off Jane St. cant remember the name though (east west aquatics) or something like that...never been there though...Sea-U-Marine is one of my favorites...16th and apple creek.

03-26-2011, 04:57 AM
Hi Cliff,

Hope you enjoy the city.

Close to the airport (Pearson) you will find Aquatic Kingdom, great guys, but I find not the best selection of livestock in the city, but probably the largest store in the city by square footage (have freshwater/ponds also).
Then there's ReefRaft that is less than a block west of Aquatic Kingdom. Jay and Jenson, in my experience are great guys to deal with, has some of the nicest corals in the city, and frequently has some amazing fish.

Further west to Oakville is Oakville Reef Gallery, been there twice, not overly impressed with the service and pricing. Have no idea as to what they get in shipment wise. I personally go out of my way to avoid this place, others swear by it.

North to Markham is Sea U Marine, I would rank with ReefRaft, great selection of corals and fish selection is excellent (almost bought a Candy Basslet today). Great prices and ships Canada wide. I go there every week, and it's a 100km trek :biggrin: My favourite store by far.

South east is North American Fish Breeders, John gets a great selection of corals and fish, best prices in town, get there early if there is something that is desirable, as there are lineups on shipment days. PIA to get to from the West end (traffic).

The Big Al's, I personally don't go there, there are some smaller establishments around, but I'm not familiar with them.

Happy shopping, even if it is only window :smile:

03-26-2011, 05:34 AM

Thanks guys