View Full Version : needed someone who might want to voluntar

09-11-2010, 01:29 AM
sorry ,I know this isnt fish related, but not sure were to post
needed in red deer
My daughter is moving back into her basement suite tomorrow after 2pm
Her place had flooded with all heavy ,earlier rain
she is currently staying with me at this time.
We need some one that wouldnt mind volunteering a hour mabey two
to haul a queen bed and couch, and a few boxes.
and cant forget
lol and her pet carriers, she has two dogs and two cats
a black lab /golden retriever
and bichon/shihtzu plus her two cats

she thinks she has two truck loads but i see only one.
we have her friend that will help lift, but he has no transportation
if there is any one in red deer that could volunteer , that would be very much appreciated
I live in lower fairview, and the stuff would be going to grandview
I wish i could offer something
I know this is asking alot, but if you can help
we would be most greatfull,
if you cant thats alright too
:) :) :)