View Full Version : Aquatronica level program problem..help appreciated

06-28-2010, 05:16 PM
I have an aquatronica controller system. The power bar was replaced with a new one about 1 year ago.

The level sensor seems to be working accurately...the sump looks low when reading low and OK when reading OK.

The program activates the ATO pump when the level is low (as it should), if the level does not reach OK in the maximum time set for the ATO pump the program blocks (as it should).

Here is the problem: When the ATO is activated and the level reaches the OK level (as viewed in the sump and indicated by the level readout) the ATO does not shut off. It keeps going as long as there is water in the resevoir--->dump huge amounts of ATO water into the system. It did this couple of months ago and seemed to correct when I deleted and re entered the program only to go crazy again a couple of weeks ago.

I have tried deleting and re entering the program with no effect. I have tried changing the chosen "units" from low/high to low/OK with no effect. I have tried putting the ATO pump on another plug outlet with no effect. I can turn the ATO plug on/off manually but regardless of level when I choose restore it turns on and runs until the program blocks (if the level is still low after 15 min) or until the ATO reservoir is empty (and even then the pump still goes with no water).

I have contacted the vendor I purchased the power bar from but they no longer deal with aquaronica. I have contacted aquatronica and have sent them the info they required but since then have had no reply.

It was suggested a "switch" may be stuck but changing the plug did not help. If there is something wrong with the level program it must be the part that tells the plug to shut off when the level is OK.

Any suggestions as to how to fix or get a warranty replacement would be appreciated. I did ask aquatronica if they could download a fix for the level program but had no response to that.