View Full Version : Saltwater to Freshwater

06-10-2010, 06:33 AM
i have a 35 gallon tank that i am setting up with some african cichlids to sell for my dad now i have answered one question already as it was saltwater but now after the first water change the salt is un testable with a refractometer so thats good but the problem is the tank is now on day 2 and he is bringing the cichlids on saturday i need to do a fast cycle now i used a 1/3 bottle of that cycle stuff and so far so good now i have heared of some people that use that stuff and never see a spike which is what i hope can happen here , also if i leave the lights on 24/7 how fast should i see some algae growth it has 2 t5 and 2 t8 lights on and it is beside a picture window , on a side note i don't like to do this type of thing i prefer to let it run its cycle buy my dad wants it sold and won't move on his price so now he has decided that the fish are a good selling feature and i kinda agree they are nice fish but i don't want them to die and i can't put them in my tank as you can see it is a 90 salt fowlr any and all advise is welcome.