View Full Version : Order I received from Canadian Aquatics

05-20-2010, 12:39 AM
Mods if it is not permitted to post reviews of vendors who are not sponsors then go ahead and delete this post. It should be noted that I have never met the vendor except through e-mail.

I believe strongly in giving feedback about vendors as it keeps them honest and competive.

I ordered a shipment of freshwater fish (Denisoni barbs, Dwarf neon rainbows, and Cardinal tetras) from Canadian Aquatics and they arrived on the plane today as scheduled.

All of the fish are in excellent condition. The packing job was amazing (a double-decker wood-framed contraption inside the insulated styrofoam box). Even after paying shipping the price is half what I would have paid locally.

Anyway I just want to give my appreciation to these guys. I recommend them without hesitation.