View Full Version : how to set up my sump

03-19-2010, 04:24 PM
so i have a 125 with a 40 gallon sump looking to get started it has a pump that sits outside the sump but drains from the botton of the sump the skimmer fits in the last chamber that the sump drains from good or bad ? and then ill have two or four chamber depending on how you look at it left one over and one under then the skimmer wondering how i should set up the rest of the sump and what i should put in it its going to be fowlr tank and i was going to have sand and live rock gest looking to start putting it all togeather this weekend plumming wise thanks for the info

03-19-2010, 04:37 PM
I would have skimmer in the first chamber a fuge In the second chamber and leave the last empty so there is less chance of a bunch of micro bubbles going into your tank. this also allows for the ditris that is missed by your skimmer to settle out of the water column. I am working on a sump that has a maze in it this lengthens the distance the water has to flow before it exits the sump. I will be building some egg crate channels that will sit in the maze for sponges and feather dusters to attach to so they will Polish the water more than the skimmer will.